Baler = Stoked

Surfing is not a new word to me. I remember when I was a kid where I always scan TV channels and stop a while in ESPN if there was a surfing competition. I was amazed of how they do tricks in the air as they dance with the waves. But that's all. I never thought of wanting to be one of them or even just trying to ride a board someday.

Time changes anything, everything. I can't even remember why I was addicted to surfing. All I know is this is what I want now, contrary to what I thought of before. 

Why Baler? 

It is where I first defined stoked.

The moment I had the first glance at Baler, I got the answer why surfers flock to this spot. Since the Philippines is surrounded by water, it is not anymore a question why we have a number of beautiful beaches. And Baler, being at the east coast, is endowed with a perfect blend of terrains and currents producing waves suitable from starter to professional surfers.

Years back, Aurora's surftown is an extremely tiring 9-hour drive from Manila. Today, surfing Baler is just a step away, cutting the travel time to an easy 5 hours drive. Baler is now transforming its name from once an unknown community to a popular surfing mecca in the country.

Sabang Beach is the town's most visited spot. I call it the beginners' haven. Along the seaside, there are many stalls offering surf lessons. For a cost of P350 per hour, you can have a surfboard and an instructor to teach you the basics of surfing. By the end of the session, you can cross out 'ride a wave' or 'stand on a surfboard' in your bucket list. I'm sure you would want another one despite those aching shoulders, bruises and cuts. And before you know it, that is what surfers call stoked :)

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