Palaui Island

On the verge of Northern Philippines is Cagayan where lies Palaui Island. It's ironic to think that it took me just now to visit the island when in fact I was born and raised in Isabela - one of the provinces in Cagayan Valley. From there it would only take about 4-6 hours to Santa Ana, the jump-off point to Palaui. But my adventure started in the metro, so I was on the road for around 13 hours (good thing the bus I rode was fast). Btw, I was with a travel buddy in this getaway. 

There are many ways of getting to Palaui, one of which is via Tuguegarao - we took this route. Manila to Tuguegarao is around 10-12 hours, from there another 2-3 hours land trip to Santa Ana, then about 10 minutes to San Vicente port, then the boat ride. -- looks like I'm not yet good in giving better refer to other blogs for detailed description :)

Cape Engaño - Reach the Top for a 'Jaw Drop'
As we battled the waves and winds in the middle of the sea, I let my eyes explore what surrounds the boat I'm in and found nothing but green and blue. As we moved closer and closer to the shore, the tip of the lighthouse came into my sight. I began to wonder is there something special up there aside from the ruins? Then as we trekked to the top I got answers to my question. The trail was indeed beautiful -- passing by a beach of corals and shells, climbing on small rocks, walking along a green grass, feeling the wind blow a little stronger as I get higher. And the moment I reached top, I had this 'jaw drop' experience -- first, the view of the sea and islands up there was really amazing; and second, I got tired of the trek of course. :)

Anguib Cove - The Sand for the Beach Bums
I felt relaxed and so peaceful while sitting on the sand, staring how the waves gently touch the coast. I can't find the right words to describe it's natural beauty, speechless...

Crocodile Island - Just Passing By
Also called Manidad, this island resembles a head of a crocodile if looking at another angle. Being not too high, this rock-formed island disappears on low tide. Unfortunately, we got no chance to anchor our boat :(

Palaui Waterfalls - The Secret Within