[FOOD] Real Fast Food: ChickeNut Pasta with Veggie Noodles

Great food does not always come with complex cooking and expensive ingredients. Magnolia makes it easy to make and perfect in taste. Here is a simple protein-rich dish ideal for TV dinners - masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya!

 What you need:
- Pasta
- Magnolia chicken breast fillets
- Light soy sauce
- Peanut butter
- Chili powder
- Slice of lemon or kalamansi
- Garlic
- Magnolia DariCreme buttermilk
- Carrots, green beans, red bell pepper, corn kernels (or any veggies you like. Cucumbers and zucchini are great too!)
- salt and pepper

What to do:
- Cook pasta until al dente. Reserve some pasta water for the peanut sauce. Drain and set aside.
- For the pasta sauce, combine peanut butter and pasta water, approx 1:1 ratio. Adjust water to get a creamy consistency, don't make it too thick. Season with salt to balance the taste.
- Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Squeeze in kalamansi, drop a couple of teaspoons of light soy sauce and a dash of chili powder. Marinate while prepping the veggies.
- Make thin strips of carrots, red bell pepper and green beans. Grab as much as you want :)
- Heat the frying pan and put in butter. Fry the chicken fillets. Once golden brown, throw in minced garlic and veggies, add the kernels. Stir fry but do not overcook to retain that crisp. Remove from heat and let cool.
- In a separate pan, pour in the peanut butter sauce and add the pasta. Mix to even out.
- For the fun part: grab a plate, lay down a veggie base, twirl on the pasta and top with chicken tenders.



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