[FOOD] Healthy Eating @ Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar

When I started training for a long distance run, healthy eating came in. And along with this lifestyle shift is roaming around the metro to look for a healthier place to eat. And voila! -- The Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar.

Chicken Parmigiana on Zucchini Pasta

This resto is known for their delicious meals and smoothies made from all natural produce and proudly local-sourced. Their menu gives a lot of healthy choices from superfoods to wellness shots and sandwiches and pastas and more. And oh, they serve fresh pressed juices, too! This is the perfect place for people who loves to eat without the guilt. Because the foods are organic, they are more flavorful and healthier that you need not to worry feeding your tummy with junks.

The Hillside Cafe is located along Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City. They share a space with a plant shop which adds to its fresher ambiance. Truly one of the best places to find joy in eating while relaxing!

Know more about Hillside Cafe through their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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