Calaguas Through The Years

I must admit I'm not an inborn traveler, I do not go outdoors nor do adventures. But as time passed by, things has changed and here I am now, wanting to set foot on all of the best destinations we have. And if given the chance soon, not just the best but the entire Philippines :)

The beauty of the island is not a question why it was tattooed in my memories. Calaguas is more than just a place, more than just a must-see destination - it is a life everyone must experience. My first travel to Calaguas gave birth to the wanderer in me. And from then on, I keep on coming back to the island, this time not anymore a tourist but a traveler who wanted to share the dose of adventure it gives.

Through the years of several come backs, I have seen the developments in the island, how it was transformed to what it is now. 

I just had my recent trip last April. Of course, Calaguas is still as amazing as before, the clear water, the fresh air, the white sand. But I'm slowly missing the old Calaguas -- a few campers, a couple of tents, a silent sanctuary, an unspoiled beauty, a virgin island. Today, Calaguas is a mini-Boracay -- jam-packed with visitors, tents setup everywhere, new resort, electricity, loud music that you can hardly hear the waves crashing on the shore! 

I am not against development, I am okay with changes, I have no problem with innovation. But these should not change why we named it unspoiled Calaguas. 

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