Zamba: Where The West Coast Solitude Is

Why I keep on coming back to Zambales? I got plenty of reasons but here are my top three...

(1) Nearest surf spot from Manila. Zamba is the nearest surf beach I know before I found out Km.115. Though not the nearest now, I still consider it accessible from the metro because of the 3-hour average drive for an approximate round trip distance of 362km (based from our most recent road trip on Dec 28). I tried two ways of getting to the town of San Narciso but
I prefer taking the San Fernando-Bataan-Olongapo route instead of passing by the SCTEX. Why? Read further below...

(2) Budget friendly. If you are looking for a "tipid-mode" adventure, Zamba is the right destination.
  • TipidTip #1: Gas and toll. If you will bring a car, continue reading, if not jump to #2. One way toll is P157 for San Fernando route and P408 for SCTEX. If taking San Fernando exit, make sure you leave Manila as early as possible so as not to get stuck in traffic, this is the advantage of taking SCTEX on the other hand. Fuel cost is around 800 (again, based from our last trip), enough for round trip and some around-the-town drive. For an adventure like this, I suggest you use a fuel that will give your car the quality performance on the road. Since day 1, I am a Petron fan, the brand I can trust. I have no fear on the road even with a fuel alert coz there is a lot of filling stations along the way. My TipidTip #1.1, I use XCS, not just a TipidTip but a SuperTipidTip. That's the gas behind the 800 worth of fuel. Almost forgot my #1.2 - call your barkada to fill up your car seats. Remember, the more the merrier lesser share on the cost :) 
  • TipidTip #2: Accomodation. For the nth time that I've been to Zamba, I always find my home at Crystal Beach. We (with my travel buddies) spend nights in a tent or hammock. They charge P150/pax/night if you have your own tent, if none you can rent for P300. 
  • TipidTip #3: Food. Though the resort has a resto serving really good food, I find more adventure in a camping trip - sleeping in a tent, siesta on a hammock, cooking your own food. There is a public market near Crystal Beach where you can buy variety of seafood at an affordable price. From our last week's trip, we got bangus for P60, tilapia for P50, liempo for P100, shrimps for P110, ripe mango for P50 - all enough to create an eat-til-you-give-up lunch and dinner and a few left over for breakfast next day. 
(3) Where the solitude is. Even just a few hours away from the busy life, I always find my silent sanctuary in Zamba. It is where I feel the nature so close to me, lying in my hammock letting the wind sway me to sleep, hearing the waves touch the shore. It is during this moment that I realize what I really want - to be a beach bum.

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